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Our team was tasked with developing an art direction for the Faire La Fete champagne campaign to introduce it to the US market. We approached this by creating a unique photography style that captured the humor and luxury of enjoying a champagne from the champagne region, but at a fraction of the cost and sugar content and at any moment of the day. The back and white photography brught a perfect balance and complement the brand's green and purple colors.Our art direction was then traslated into series of OOH, social media, and other marketing collateral, including trucks and store windows. Our goal was to communicate the brand's message of affordable luxury and bring a touch of sophistication to a fun and playful campaign.

ROLE: Art Direction , Design, Design direction, Social Media & OOH Collateral
Produced for: MIRIMAR US
CLIENT: Faire La Fete, France


When tasked with creating the art direction for a Faire La Fete, french champagne campaign, we wanted to convey the idea that enjoying real champagne is an everyday and affordable indulgence. To achieve this, we decided to portrait French women drinking champagne in oversized glasses, bottles, and with straws, in a humorous and playful manner.


The black and white photography was the perfect complement to the brand's green and purple colors. We added a bold and classic typography inspired by a high end magazine to bring French sophistication to the fun and cheeky campaign. The resulting art direction brought a sense of luxury and indulgence to an everyday occasion.


  • Art Direction
  • Product design & CPGs
  • Presentation design.
  • Social Campaign
  • Retouching
  • Print & Merchandise
  • Perfecting your typography
  • Branding.
  • Packaging design.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Daydreaming.